Saturday, June 15, 2013

Insect Demon

 This is my final project for NCCA. It is concentrated on modelling and texturing. I started with orthographic views and some concepts of colors and poses. Mastima is a demon, who surves for the Lord of the flies and Prince of the Hell. She is a female pixie, who lives in Medle Ages. Mastima is a career of plague and other infections. Her main job is to spread them and kills people.
 Mastima's design is inspired by a various of insects. Genereally she is based on fles, with rhino wings and some other beetles with interesting cuticles.
The colors of my creature are inspired by a few facts. Firstly plague is known also as The Black Dead or The Purple Dead so I combined the colors of black and purple to build the character. They are also assosiated with dead and evil. In most of the films, filmmakers used purple if somebody is going to die. For the next design I used black and red, linked them with the colors of hell. red also provokes aggression. The blue color is the color of mistery, I decide just to experimetn and to see how my creature would look. The green golors are based on fly's patterns. I was inspired also by Hieronymus Bosch, who has portrayed a lot of demons in his masterpieces, using green and black colors. The last three designs are based on flea's patterns as a main carrier of the plague.
This is just a very fast illustration to help me to clarify the pose and the background. Fleas are known as one  of the best jumpers, so I decided to pose my character in a similar pose but also to reveal her wings and give more detail information about her kind. In the background are illustrated plague doctors and death person, which reveals the role of my character. The blue background brings to the whole scene a mysterious mood. The character looks the audience telling them: You are the next.