Monday, May 19, 2014

Steampunk Pinocchio

 Steampunk Pinocchio is a modelling project, concentrated on developing my skills in organic as well as hard surface modelling. I wanted to represent scene, known from everybody and the story of Pinocchio is a great source, which has inspired me to develop a new way of presenting the characters. Based on my initial idea the story represnets a relationship between father -son; human and a doll.
 This is the main scene, where Geppetto has just finished his beloved robot. I chose this particular pose for Geppetto, which can enrich his inner thoughts and by reaching out to Pinocchio it is easy to be shown the love he has to his doll.
Geppetto - The process of modelling Geppetto was definitely challenging. This is only modelling project, so I aimed to achieve good quality of details, which can reveal better the character.
 Pinocchio's details. Based on the main goal for a modelling project I've sculpted as much as possible details, examining hard surface modelling in zBrush. Inspired by Victorian era costume designs I challenged myself with creating hardsurface ornaments for Pinocchio.

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